We can analyze and clean your Roche-454 / IonTorrent / Illumina sequencing data. We improve your assemblies.

We tell you which sample preparation was your best. We tell you what to avoid next time.

For Roche 454 and IonTorrent datasets we offer:
° full quality control of any sequencing data
        ° distribution of sample insert sizes
        ° types of sequencing and basecalling errors
        ° protocol-specific artefacts
        ° types of adapters used
° just perfect trimming of your reads (remove primers, adapters, Multiplex IDentifiers (MIDs), artefacts)
° determination of overhead of your sample preparation protocol and sequencing
° tuning Roche 454 read high-/low-qual boundaries, rescuing even 250nt of your sample sequence (usually 80 to 160nt);
° performance comparison of your samples or sample preparation procedures to each other
° quantification of 5'- and 3'-ends of transcripts in your sequencing reads, e.g. of (un)directed cDNA preparations
° detection of authentic mRNA polyA-tails thanks to a special approach coping with sequencing errors in homopolymers (and detection of their polyT forms)
° matched sequences are aligned to flow for improved trimming precision

We also clean RNA-seq datasets from Illumina machines based on Evrogen MINT, Clontech SMART protocols, full-length cDNA protocols and some additional less common protocols (unpublished protocols of GATC Biotech, LGC Genomics, BioST, modification of Clontech MINT method as Cap-Trsa-CV, T7 RNApol run-off-based transcripts, ...)

For further details please refer to Features and to a list of Supported protocols pages. Note that we can process not only Roche 454 data but also some from IonTorrent and Illumina. Just ask.