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We can work with any SFF, FASTQ or FASTA+QUAL files. If possible, please provide SFF files. You should have received them from your sequencing provider (if not, ask for them until it is too late). For numerous analyses you should use SFF files whenever possible. Roche improved their basecalling pipeline over the years and fixed some software bugs as well. We can work around those issues but it makes the work unnecessarily more difficult. Ideally, if possible, ask your sequencing provider to re-process the original camera pictures using their latest and greatest Data Processing software (let’s say if your SFF files are from software before version 2.3). Same applies to IonTorrent data (the SFF file format is preferred, their files are more funky then from Roche). Illumina data should be in FASTQ format (either phredq33 or phredq64 encoding).


Please email us at 

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with the following information if possible:

1. What lab protocols were used to process your sample (isolation of RNA/DNA, fragmentation, purification, …, amplification, …, sequencing). Please check our Supported protocols page.

2. If applicable, describe standard Roche/454 or custom adapters, MIDs or lab protocol modifications. Although we cannot guarantee we could overcome your alterations of the mainstream protocols we will try our best. You will be contacted by our support personnel about feasibility, delivery timing and pricing.


Provided you do not have (some of) the above information … we can work around that and detect what was most-likely done in the lab.


You will receive confirmation of your email-based submission and details where and how to upload your files to our server by FTP . Or, make it available for us to download.


Thank you for your interest in our service.





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